Goals for 2013

I decided that I would post my goals for 2013 about ballhawking, blogging, and Twitter. I decided to write this due to the fact that some other fellow bloggers, Mateo Fischer, Nick Badders, and Paul K, have done so. You can find the link to their entries (In the order of Mateo, Nick, and Paul.) right here, here, and here.

The first topic I want to talk about is my goals for ballhawking in the year 2013.
1. Attend 30 Triple-A games this year. Last year I attended 23 Triple-A games. I would like to increase my total to at least 30 games and even if I can attend more, that would be wonderful.
2. Visit 4 new Minor League stadiums. Last year, I attend one new stadium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have been to Durham, Buffalo, Rochester, and Myrtle Beach so far. I plan on going to Erie, PA to see the SeaWolves and Batavia, NY to see the MuckDogs. My parents also plan on that but I would also like to go to Syracuse, NY to see the Chiefs and one other stadium that I have yet to decide on.
3. Go to 2 new MLB stadiums. I have been to a total of 4 MLB stadiums in the order of Cleveland, Boston, Toronto, and Pittsburgh. I would like to think that I am going to attend Baltimore and Washington as part of my birthday present last year. If I can’t go there, I would see myself going to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, but those would be repeats and that would not reach my goal. I am thinking that I will go to Toronto a couple of times during the 2013 season as it is only an hour and 45 minutes away from Buffalo, NY.
4. Obtain 200 or more International League baseballs from Triple-A International League games. Wether it’s by a toss-up, hit, found or glove tricked, I would like to obtain 200 International League baseballs. Last year I obtained 138 International League Baseballs of my 182 total International League Baseballs. Last year was my first “official” year of ballhawking. I feel like I am more experienced with Coca~Cola Field than I was last year in the beginning of the year.
5. See every Triple-A International League team. Last year, I almost completed this goal. I saw every team except one, the Charlotte Knights. I could not see them due to the fact that my aunt, uncle, and cousins were visiting from Durham, North Carolina during the Knights series versus the Bisons during the visit. I believe I can complete this goal this year.
6. Get 15 broken bats, 3 pairs of batting gloves, 1 game worn hat, and 5 line-up cards. Last year, I got 9 broken bats, 1 pair of batting gloves, 0 game worn hats, to my disappointment, and 2 line-up cards. I believe I can reach all of these goals as their not out of the reach.
7. Catch a game Home Run at a real game. Last year, I got one HR that I got off the bat of Valentino Pascucci, but that was during the Triple-A Home Run Derby so I don’t consider that a real game. I got 2 game HR’s thrown to me but that doesn’t require any skill except asking. I want to actually get one myself, not by asking for it, not getting it during the HR Derby, but getting it during a game.
8. Play catch with 3 different players. Last year I played catch with Rochester Red Wings catcher, Rene Rivera. I want to play catch with at least 3 different players and I think I could do this as players in the minor leagues are often bored and looking for something to do.

The second topic I want to talk about are my blogging goals for 2013.
1. Publish 1 entry per week during the off-season. So far, I have accomplished this during my first week of blogging.
2. Make every single entry I write at least 1,000 words. I believe I can do this as I often write really long entries and get carried away when writing.
3. Get a blog logo. I end up wanting to get a blog logo sometime as the one I have right now is just me.
4. Post 10 entries per month during the baseball season. I think I can do this during the season as I have my ballhawking adventures to write about and other stuff from here and there.
5. Get into the top 50 for the Top 50 Mlblogs. I eventually hope to get to the top 20s after reaching this goal. I believe I can do this because when I was with nybisons, we made it in the top 5 once. That was pretty cool.
6. Comment on fellow bloggers blogs from here and their. I will likely comment on your blog a lot if you are following my blog as a way to thank you.
7. Follow different types of blogs. I want to follow a range of blogs from ballhawking to writing about news about your favorite team. I think this would keep me of Boredom throughout the off-season and keep me entertained.
8. Take more pictures. I need to take more pictures during the 2013 baseball season and share them with you guys. I hardly toke pictures during the 2012 season while ballhawking and I would like to take more pictures.
9. Take video while ballhawking. I think it would give you, the readers, an experience of what I do while I ballhawk. It would give you an experience of what ballhawking is all about.
The final topic I would like to talk about is my Twitter goals for 2013. My twitter account is @milbballhawk for those who would like to follow me.

1. Follow every fellow ballhawk on Twitter. I would like to follow every ballhawk on Twitter as it would keep me connected with other ballhawks.
2. Follow every fellow blogger. Even if there not a ballhawk, I would like to stay connected with fellow bloggers.
3. Tweet from games I attend. I want to tweet live from games to keep my followers connected with my ballhawking.
4. Tweet pictures of baseballs I get at games. I would like to take pictures of the various baseballs I get at the game to give my followers an idea of what to expect in the upcoming entry about the game.
5. Tweet at least once a day. I want to tweet at least once a day so I don’t get boring on there.
6. Tweet my blog schedule. I will tweet from here to there about my upcoming plans for my blog and when I will post the upcoming post/what it will be about.
Again, if you would like to follow me, you can do so here.
That pretty much sums up my goals for the 2013 year. Thank you all for reading and Happy New Year!


Good luck with your goals! I’d love to see a game in Erie, as they’re Detroit farm club. Syracuse is nothing special, though, but still worth going to if you haven’t been there before. I look forward to Durham.

Thank you Mike! I am looking forward to going to Erie to see the SeaWolves play. Syracuse doesn’t really look like anything great but I think it would be cool to go there and root on the Bisons. One of the cool things about Durham is left field is called the Blue Monster and there is a big blue bull thingy sitting on top of the wall. Whenever the Bulls hit a HR, the blue gets red eyes and starts having smoke coming out of it. I’m sure you’ll love Durham.

Oh, man. In looking at you list I completely forgot to include your last Twitter goal among mine. I mean, that is THE reason I pretty much made my Twitter account.


That I also the reason I created my twitter account for my blog. I thought it would help get the word out to people so they didn’t wonder when my upcoming post will be. You can update your 2013 goals and put that in your entry if you would like.

Good luck this year! I know I have been able to do some of the stuff already that you have as goals, so they definitely are obtainable. I’m definitely looking forward to following your blog this year and reading about all of your ballhawking! I’ve never been able to get any bats, batting gloves, hats, or line up cards at a minor league game, but I think I may just have to try in 2013!


Thank you Nick! Thank you for reading also. About the broken bats, batting gloves, hats, and line-up cards: They are actually pretty easy to get. For the broken bats, you have to watch during the game and see if players’ break their bat and which one. Then, after the game, go to the dugout and look for that player and ask him for his broken bat. If you can’t get his attention, ask one of his teammates for the bat because they will likely give it out because it will just go into a garbage elsewhere. For batting gloves, players randomly give them out sometimes, but I got my pair on the last game of the season from, Corey Brown, of the Syracuse Chiefs. Regrading the hats, players give out their hats on the last home game of the season and last away game of the season. For the line-up cards, you have to learn the managers man, and maybe even the pitching coaches or hitting coaches name. Then, when they are peeling it off the wall, just ask them. Some will say yes and some will say I will have to keep it and sorry. The Minor Leagues are very friendly when it comes to this stuff because they don’t have that big of fan base yet. I hope that you can obtain some of these items!

Thank You very much! I’ve asked for bats many times before, but never had any luck. Same things with line up cards- it will either be kept by the manager, or given to the guy in the stands that has a book full of them. I saw the Modesto Nuts and San Jose Giants in the playoffs and when the Nuts advanced to the next round, I tried to get something from the Giants dugout, but everything was cleared so quickly, they avoided interacting with fans. Thanks for the advice! I have a feeling that I am more likely to get something now!


No problem Nick. You’re welcome. Some teams are very unfriendly when it comes to giving stuff away. For example, the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Yankees would never give baseballs away after warm ups and sometimes didn’t throw balls into the crowd after an inning. Sometimes teams may be depressed that their season is over and will avoid fans to all costs. Maybe you should try to ask the managers before the games start before the guy with a binder full of line-up cards. That might work. Good luck this year!

Good ideas! Thanks for the tips!


No problem, Nick! You’re welcome!

Thanks for the shout-out Quinn, I appreciate it!! I’m sure that you will achieve almost all of your goals hands down (good thing). Which MLB stadiums do you MOST want to attend next year? Good luck with all your goals, and have a Happy New Year!
-Paul K


No problem. You’re welcome. Thank you. I hope I can achieve all of them. I most want to go to Baltimore this year. It sounds like a nice ballhawking place to go to as I have heard great things about Baltimore. Happy New Year to you also.

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