Summary Of My Year So Far

I first off want to start off this entry by saying sorry for not blogging more frequently.  I have been hammered with school work so far during baseball season and it didn’t help that I toke a one week vacation to the Bahamas at the end of April.  I’m still not caught up with school yet from my vacation over two weeks ago.  Instead of writing about posts from over a month ago, I will give you a summary about all my games I have attended so far and what cool items I have gotten this year from those games.  I’m going to summarize every single game leading up to the game where I snagged my 200th baseball in the middle of April.  I will try to keep this short and not very lengthy so I’m not going to post any pictures in this entry as it always take me a little while to load the pictures onto my computer.  Expect that post to be up a couple of days after I post this one. Okay, on to the actual post…

4/6/13 at Frontier Field:

My family and I decided to head up to Rochester to check out the Bisons on the road.  I was very pumped because the gates would be opening an hour and a half early instead of the usual hour before gate opening.  My first ball on the day came on the grass area in foul territory when Bison’s pitcher, Justin Germano, threw me my first of the day.  Jim Negrych was up taking hacks and he hit one in the groundscrew area beyond the fence.  A groundscrew member picked up the ball and tossed me number 2 on the day.  After that ball, I headed over to the 3rd base side foul territory grass area.  Right when I got over there, Jim Negrych hit a high pop up which hit the ground and bounced onto the grass area.  I promptly scooped it up after the second bounce for my third of the day.  A swing after that, Negrych again hit a high pop up, but this time it was swerving towards the grass area.  I ran about 10 feet, got underneath it and caught it on the fly for my fourth of the day.  BP ended right after my clean catch on the Negrych foul ball.  Right before the game, Bisons’ player, Adam Loewen, threw me his warm up ball for ball number five on the day. During the game, I played for foul balls on the hill but was unsuccessful. Then, during the middle of the game, I decided to grab a quick bite of eat. I told my dad to wait a second as Luis Jimenez was up and I knew he could hit foul balls. I was right behind home plate for his at bat. The first pitch of his at bat was a foul ball straight back. It hit a wall and started to come down. I ran over and got camped out right underneath it and made the catch off of the wall. That was my sixth ball of the day. After the game, I headed over towards the Bisons’ dugout but didn’t get anything from the Bisons. I did get a ball from a ball boy though and he gave me my seventh and final ball of the day. After the game, I headed out to the players’ entrance/ exit to the stadium. I then got Mike McCoy, Mike Nickeas, and Alex Burnett to sign cards. Luis Jimenez then came out and I got him to sign his home run ball from the day before. Overall, I had a great time and I would consider it a successful day with seven baseballs and four autographs.

4/7/13 at Frontier Field
After a long hour of working out from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, my dad suggested that him, my sister, and I would head back to Rochester to catch the series finale between the Red Wings and the Bisons. I was very excited as I was not planning on this. After getting ready, eating, and taking a shower, we were off for Rochester at 11:00 AM. This would mean we would get there at 12:30 PM but I was alright with this as I would at least be there for pregame warm ups. As soon as we got to Frontier Field, I walked in to find no activity on the field. Finally, the players started to come out onto the field. I waited near the Bisons’ side in hopes of a toss-up. The only pair to play catch was Ryan Goins and Mike McCoy. Goins ended up with the ball and I asked him for it but he said he couldn’t toss it to me for some reason. I was alright with it as I knew I was eventually going to get a ball. That didn’t happen until the fifth inning when Andy Laroche hit a home run into the Bisons’ bullpen. As soon as it was hit I ran over there as I knew it was gone. When I got over there, Bisons’ pitcher, Brad Lincoln just picked up the ball. I didn’t even ask him for it. I just flashed my leather and he tossed it to me because I was the only Bisons fan at bullpen and I was wearing Bisons gear. I said my thank you and stayed in the OF area for the rest of the game. In Rochester, it is very rare to get a home run ball because they do not let fans into the OF except for a tiny little spot next to the bullpen area. I just simply wanted to watch the game as I was fine with just one and I was tired from my work out earlier in the day. In the ninth inning, I headed over towards the Bisons’ dugout. I again didn’t get anything from the Bisons but I did get another ball from the same bat boy in back to back games. I think it’s pretty cool that Rochester allows their bat boys to toss balls into the crowd after games as Buffalo does not at all. Overall, it was a great surprise to be able to go to Rochester for the second straight game and to scoop up Andy Laroche’s home run ball via Brad Lincoln.

4/9/13 at Coca-Cola Field
The whole day leading up to this game was very iffy and the weather was very bad. I knew I probably couldn’t go due to the fact that my parents wouldn’t be home until 5:30 and the game starting at 6:00. My mom asked me if I wanted to go at 5:45 when she finished sorting out taxes for my parents’ tax appointment later that night. I accepted her offer despite it going to be game time when I arrived. I knew that many people would not be there because it was sprinkling so I said why not and decided to go. I ran in right when the game started. My first ball of the game was rather a fun experience and a relief to get a ball. It happened in the 2nd inning when the Bisons were in the field. There were two outs so I headed over towards the dugout. While waiting, it started to absolutely DOWNPOUR. I’m putting that in CAPS lock because it was a crazy downpour. Ever one got up and moved beneath shelter. As a result, I was the only fan in the whole entire dugout section and I was getting soaked. The Bisons ended up getting out of the inning on a grounder that got thrown to Bisons first baseman Mauro Gomez. Gomez started to laugh when he saw me standing there completely soaked and faked a throw and headed back into the dugout. I was like you got to be kidding me but then he came back a second later, started laughing and then finally tossed me the ball. I got a laugh out of it and I was happy to get on the board. My second ball was also an adventure. Austin and I were near RF and a player on the Chiefs nailed one to Right Center. It caught our eyes and we started to run over there as it had a chance of being gone. But, Bisons CF, Anthony Gose, made a spectacular catch and we both started running. Then Austin turned away but I didn’t. I saw that Gose flipped the ball onto the black top in Right Center. I ran over as fast as I could and beat Austin to it. He later told me he had no clue what I was doing and he figured he should follow me. He saw the ball while running over with me later on. As the fifth inning was taking place, the grounds crew where gathering towards the umpires tunnel. That meant only one thing, they were going to put the tarp on the field and likely call the game after the 5th inning and they did after the long rain delay. But, right before they called a delay, I got Chiefs catcher, Carlos Maldonado, to toss me the third out ball as the 5th inning concluded. This ball eventually became the game ball as it was the last ball used during the game. I ended up with three balls as I could not get any during the delay.

My next post will be about the game at which I snagged my 200th career International League baseball at. Except that to be up in a couple of days. Thank you for sticking with me during this long period without post.

4/5/13 at Coca-Cola Field

I was back at it a day after getting shut out during Opening Day.  This was a different as I had a much care free feel when deciding to go to this game.  My mom said she could drop me off before heading over the border to Canada to shop.  The only problem was that she wouldn’t be able to get me there until game time.  I was okay with this as I didn’t have a streak on the line as I lost it last game. 

I arrived in the top of the 1st inning with two outs.  I ran right down to the Bisons’ dugout to try to get the third our ball but I was unsuccessful.  I then decided to play foul balls. 

After trying for many foul balls, I was still empty-handed in the bottom of the third inning.  With two outs in the bottom of the third inning, I ran down to the Red Wings dugout in hopes of a third out ball.  That hope came true as Red Wings first baseman, Jeff Clement, tossed me my first baseball of the early 2013 season.  Here is the ball:


The ball was overly rubbed up with mud but I like when this happens to baseballs. After getting this ball, I thought why not go for a home run. I headed to RF and took a couple of pictures of the field:
In the top of the 5th inning, Red Wings slugger, Oswaldo Arcia, stepped up to the plate. He hit a rocket that I knew was going to get out right away. It was heading towards CF, but then it curved over to the right. The ball unfortunately landed in a fenced off area in CF. I was the first was to the spot and if the ball would have landed two feet to the right, it would have been mine. The ball is actually still in the fenced off area as I write this. I was very disappointed as I came very close to getting my first HR ball ever. I shrugged it off and kept my head of in hopes of getting another chance for a homer.
In the bottom of the 8th, with the score dead locked at 2 a piece, Bisons’ slugger, Luis Jimenez, stepped up to the plate. I was ready as ever for him to hit one out as he did the previous day. I was playing on the hill, right next to the party deck as Jimenez likes to hit homers on there. I learned this at the Home Run Derby last year in Buffalo. As I got myself ready, Jimenez smacked the ball that without a doubt was gone. It was heading about 25 feet to my right and I was off. There was a group of 2 children and two men to my right who were going to be closer to the ball. The one was getting in position looking for it as I was also. The other man was walking clueless about a foot away from where the ball landed. The guy who was getting ready for the ball gave up and screamed to the other guy, “HEADS UP!!!! THE BALL’S COMIN’!!!!” The other guy put his hands on his head to protect himself. I took this opportunity and ran past the guy. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the man starting to run behind me to get the ball. I had a lead on the guy and I got my first ever Home Run ball ever! I was ecstatic! I celebrated and then sat down on the party deck and took a picture of my prized possession Home Run ball:
During the chase, I lost my hat moments before they panned me out of the shot to a guy in the parking lot hoping the ball would roll to the fence so he could claim it. Here is the picture of my hat falling off during the chase for the Jimenez homer. 088
If you want to watch the video of me getting my first ever home run ball, you can click watch it here:

After all the excitement, I went over to the dugout as the game was soon going to become to an end. The Bisons ended up winning 3-2 and Luis Jimenez’s shot was the difference! I think it’s awesome that I have the game winning home run ball from this game! Awesome!
I unfortunately didn’t get anything after the game but that couldn’t change my mood, I was still pumped! After the game, I decided I was going to stay after in the parking lot and try to get a couple of autographs. I was hoping to get Jimenez to sign his home run ball but he was nowhere to be found. I did get Josh Thole and Anthony Gose in the parking lot though. A huge success as Gose is one of the biggest prospects in the Toronto Blue Jays organization and he hardly signs! Here are the cards:
Overall, this was a great game! I got my first game home run ball ever and got Anthony Gose’s autograph! This without a doubt was one of the best games I have ever attended in my opinion.
Ballhawking Stats:
2 balls at this game
184 total baseballs

4/4/13 at Coca-Cola Field

Today was the day, Opening Day in Minor League Baseball.  I was very pumped for this game. 

I arrived at the gates at 12:57 P.M.  Three minutes before the gates opened.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with this, but there was nothing I could do about it as it is very hard for my family of 5 to get out of the house. 

As I entered the stadium, I ran into fellow ballhawk Danny.  I then proceeded to enter the seating area where I went down the 1st base line.  I stopped by the bullpen when this caught my eye:


Ball by Bullpen
Unfournately, I did not have the glove trick with me. I called Danny over as I suspected he had the glove trick with him and he did. He put the glove trick together and attempted to get the ball:
Glove trick
He was unsucessful though becuase the ball was stuck next to the bag. When Buffalo Bisons cacther, Josh Thole, walked over, he handed the ball to my little sister instead of Danny. I thought that was pretty funny. I would soon realize over the next few days that Josh Thole is very fan friendly and very nice.
During pre-game warm-ups, I headed over to the Rochester Red Wings side to try and get a ball. I was unsucessful and sadly realized that the game would be starting and that I unsucessfully snagged a baseball yet. I knew this would be a very hard challenge as the game was a near sellout. 15,852 out of the 18,025 seats at Coca-Cola Field were occupied. After many unsucessful tries at foul balls, third out balls, etc., I decided to give it a try and go for a Home Run. This was my view:
The chance for a home run ball happended in the bottom of the 5th inning as slugger, Luis Jimenez, stepped up to the plate. He blasted one that, without a doubt, was gone right when the ball hit his bat. I started to drift back, trying to get lined up with it. The ball started to drift towards the right. Exactly what I didn’t want to happen. The ball hit the top row of the party deck and bounced to the second row where a lucky fan scopped up the baseball. Here is the link to the HR hit by Luis Jimenez. I am wearing a grey shirt and black Red Wings hat. You can spot me right near the bottom of the party deck towards the left of it:

After that shot, there where no homers the rest of the game to RF. I headed over to the umpire tunnel in the top of the ninth hoping to get a ball to continue my streak. It seemed as though everyone had the same idea as tons of people where asking for baseballs from the umpire. The umpire handed out no baseballs and walked right past everybody. I then made a desperation try to get a ball from the Bisons’ dugout. I was unsucessful and just like that, my streak was over. I was alright with it as I now know what mistakes not to make while ballhawking this year.
2013 Buffalo Bisons magnetic schdule that they gave out as you entered the gates:
Ballhawking Stats:
0 balls at this game
182 total baseballs

Interview: Jeremy Barfield

I first off want to say in this entry, that I am very sorry for not blogging in such a long time.  I hope you guys forgive me and continue to read.

I recently did a Interview with Oakland Athletics Minor Leaguer, Jeremy Barfield.  Jeremy is the son of former Toronto Blue Jay, Jesse Barfiled, and brother to former Padre, Indian, and Phillie, Josh Barfield.  Jeremy Barfield was selected by the New York Mets in the ninth round of the 2006 First-Year Player Draft but decided not to sign with the Mets.   In the 2008 First-Year Player Draft, Jeremy was selected by the Oakland Athletics in the eight round.  Outfielder Jeremy Barfield signed with the Oakland Athletics shortly after the draft.  Jeremy had a .271 AVG in 69 games with the Vancouver Canadians.  Jeremy Barfield was then promoted to the Single A Kane County Cougars in 2009.  He had an average of .262 in 116 games up in Kane County.  In 2010, Jeremy played a total of 135 games and had a .272 AVG with the Single-A Advanced Stockton Ports.  In 2011, Barfield played 131 games with the Midland RockHounds and had a .257 AVG.  Jeremy stayed in Midland for the 2012.  Racking up a total average of .272 in 128 games.  I was lucky enough to have an interview with Mr. Barfield through email.  Here it is:

Quinn:  What is the earliest memory of baseball you have as a young child?

Jeremy Barfield: “When I played tee ball I hit home runs every other at bat so all the older kids from other fields would rush over to my game to watch every time I came up to bat.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: What was your favorite team growing up?

Jeremy Barfield: “Seattle Mariners because of Ken Griffey Jr.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: What was it like as a young kid when your father played in the MLB?

Jeremy Barfield: “I don’t remember too much from his playing days when I was younger  but I definitely remember when he played in Japan in 1993. Best Summer
ever.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: Was there at anytime any pressure on you, on feeling like you had to make it
professionally into baseball because your father and brother did?

Jeremy Barfield: “In High School people tried to put pressure on me. It got pretty
tough at times but I just let my talent do the talking.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: Did you attended baseball games frequently when you were a kid?

Jeremy Barfield: “All the time!” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: How did you feel when you were drafted?

Jeremy Barfield: “In 2006 when I got drafted I had mixed feelings because I thought I should have gone higher. In 2008 I was just glad to get another chance and wanted to sign quickly.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: What are your goals for the 2013 season?

Jeremy Barfield: “Add another All-Star selection to my resume.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: Do you collect memorabilia of some sort?

Jeremy Barfield: “I used to collect cards as a kid but mostly for the chewing gum.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: Do you have any special game day rituals?

Jeremy Barfield: “I put my right shoe on first everyday and right before game time I put my game necklace on.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: What was your most favorite moment in your playing career?

Jeremy Barfield: “I hit a walkoff home run in extra innings last season.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: What advice would you give to young kids trying to make it up into the big
leagues just like you are?

Jeremy Barfield: “Don’t give up. There’s only two ways you don’t make it. If you don’t quit then there’s only one way you don’t make it. Stay with it. Get better day in and day out, but don’t ever forget to have fun. It’s a game after all.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: What was your favorite dugout prank that you have witnessed in your playing

Jeremy Barfield: “Nothing is better than the silent treatment after a guy hits a home run.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: Did you play any other sports besides baseball while growing up?

Jeremy Barfield: “I played soccer and was real big into basketball. I even got into street hockey after the Mighty Ducks movies came out. I played football in Junior High.” replied Barfield via email.

Quinn: Do you plan on staying in the game of baseball after you retire one day?

Jeremy Barfield: “Absolutely. I definitely want to get into coaching after my playing days are over.” replied Barfield via email.

I want to give a big thanks to Jeremy Barfield for doing this interview with me!  You can give him a follow on Twitter @Baseclogger.



Giveaway Friday

As some of you may know, I have a Twitter for this blog. My Twitter handle is @milbballhawk. Feel free to follow me here. I am telling you about Twitter because of Giveaway Friday. Last week Friday, a fellow blogger, Mateo Fischer, was doing a contest on his blog. One of the participants, Jared Serre, decided to give away a couple baseball cards, one of which I won. Then, Nick Badders started to give out a few cards, one of which I won. Jared then decided that we should do a thing called Giveaway Friday every Friday. We all agreed on this. So far, the participants of this are Paul Kom, Nick Badders, Jared Serre, Buffalo Ballhawk, and me. This Friday, Paul Kom, Jared Serre, and I gave away items such as baseball cards, baseballs, Twins calendar, and a lanyard. I wanted to inform you, the readers, that all of us will be doing this weekly on Friday evenings. It’s a great way to win prizes! Hope all of you will participate!

Goals for 2013

I decided that I would post my goals for 2013 about ballhawking, blogging, and Twitter. I decided to write this due to the fact that some other fellow bloggers, Mateo Fischer, Nick Badders, and Paul K, have done so. You can find the link to their entries (In the order of Mateo, Nick, and Paul.) right here, here, and here.

The first topic I want to talk about is my goals for ballhawking in the year 2013.
1. Attend 30 Triple-A games this year. Last year I attended 23 Triple-A games. I would like to increase my total to at least 30 games and even if I can attend more, that would be wonderful.
2. Visit 4 new Minor League stadiums. Last year, I attend one new stadium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have been to Durham, Buffalo, Rochester, and Myrtle Beach so far. I plan on going to Erie, PA to see the SeaWolves and Batavia, NY to see the MuckDogs. My parents also plan on that but I would also like to go to Syracuse, NY to see the Chiefs and one other stadium that I have yet to decide on.
3. Go to 2 new MLB stadiums. I have been to a total of 4 MLB stadiums in the order of Cleveland, Boston, Toronto, and Pittsburgh. I would like to think that I am going to attend Baltimore and Washington as part of my birthday present last year. If I can’t go there, I would see myself going to Pittsburgh and Cleveland, but those would be repeats and that would not reach my goal. I am thinking that I will go to Toronto a couple of times during the 2013 season as it is only an hour and 45 minutes away from Buffalo, NY.
4. Obtain 200 or more International League baseballs from Triple-A International League games. Wether it’s by a toss-up, hit, found or glove tricked, I would like to obtain 200 International League baseballs. Last year I obtained 138 International League Baseballs of my 182 total International League Baseballs. Last year was my first “official” year of ballhawking. I feel like I am more experienced with Coca~Cola Field than I was last year in the beginning of the year.
5. See every Triple-A International League team. Last year, I almost completed this goal. I saw every team except one, the Charlotte Knights. I could not see them due to the fact that my aunt, uncle, and cousins were visiting from Durham, North Carolina during the Knights series versus the Bisons during the visit. I believe I can complete this goal this year.
6. Get 15 broken bats, 3 pairs of batting gloves, 1 game worn hat, and 5 line-up cards. Last year, I got 9 broken bats, 1 pair of batting gloves, 0 game worn hats, to my disappointment, and 2 line-up cards. I believe I can reach all of these goals as their not out of the reach.
7. Catch a game Home Run at a real game. Last year, I got one HR that I got off the bat of Valentino Pascucci, but that was during the Triple-A Home Run Derby so I don’t consider that a real game. I got 2 game HR’s thrown to me but that doesn’t require any skill except asking. I want to actually get one myself, not by asking for it, not getting it during the HR Derby, but getting it during a game.
8. Play catch with 3 different players. Last year I played catch with Rochester Red Wings catcher, Rene Rivera. I want to play catch with at least 3 different players and I think I could do this as players in the minor leagues are often bored and looking for something to do.

The second topic I want to talk about are my blogging goals for 2013.
1. Publish 1 entry per week during the off-season. So far, I have accomplished this during my first week of blogging.
2. Make every single entry I write at least 1,000 words. I believe I can do this as I often write really long entries and get carried away when writing.
3. Get a blog logo. I end up wanting to get a blog logo sometime as the one I have right now is just me.
4. Post 10 entries per month during the baseball season. I think I can do this during the season as I have my ballhawking adventures to write about and other stuff from here and there.
5. Get into the top 50 for the Top 50 Mlblogs. I eventually hope to get to the top 20s after reaching this goal. I believe I can do this because when I was with nybisons, we made it in the top 5 once. That was pretty cool.
6. Comment on fellow bloggers blogs from here and their. I will likely comment on your blog a lot if you are following my blog as a way to thank you.
7. Follow different types of blogs. I want to follow a range of blogs from ballhawking to writing about news about your favorite team. I think this would keep me of Boredom throughout the off-season and keep me entertained.
8. Take more pictures. I need to take more pictures during the 2013 baseball season and share them with you guys. I hardly toke pictures during the 2012 season while ballhawking and I would like to take more pictures.
9. Take video while ballhawking. I think it would give you, the readers, an experience of what I do while I ballhawk. It would give you an experience of what ballhawking is all about.
The final topic I would like to talk about is my Twitter goals for 2013. My twitter account is @milbballhawk for those who would like to follow me.

1. Follow every fellow ballhawk on Twitter. I would like to follow every ballhawk on Twitter as it would keep me connected with other ballhawks.
2. Follow every fellow blogger. Even if there not a ballhawk, I would like to stay connected with fellow bloggers.
3. Tweet from games I attend. I want to tweet live from games to keep my followers connected with my ballhawking.
4. Tweet pictures of baseballs I get at games. I would like to take pictures of the various baseballs I get at the game to give my followers an idea of what to expect in the upcoming entry about the game.
5. Tweet at least once a day. I want to tweet at least once a day so I don’t get boring on there.
6. Tweet my blog schedule. I will tweet from here to there about my upcoming plans for my blog and when I will post the upcoming post/what it will be about.
Again, if you would like to follow me, you can do so here.
That pretty much sums up my goals for the 2013 year. Thank you all for reading and Happy New Year!

My Story

Hi, my name is Quinn Imiola for those who don’t know me. I am 13 years old and a ballhawk. I mainly ballhawk at Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo, New York which is home to the Triple-A team, the Buffalo Bisons. I wouldn’t be sitting here today typing this if it wasn’t for many people that take place in a huge part of my life. So, I decided to sit down here today and tell you guys my story.
Ever since I could remember I was a huge baseball fan. From the time I was a little baby and didn’t even know how to walk up until today. I have collected all my ticket stubs from every single event I attended. I was looking through my ticket stubs a couple years back and I found a ticket stub from a Buffalo Bisons game in the year 2000. I was still 0 years old when the game took place but my mom said I loved it. I liked baseball a lot and still attended Bisons games here and there. But, during the 2004 season, I really knew that I would love the game of baseball for the rest of my life and nothing could change that. The Buffalo Bisons were having a hot year and eventually made it to the 2004 Governor’s Cup. The Bisons had future star players in the MLB like Jhonny Peralta, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, Josh Bard, Russell Branyan, Franklin Gutierrez, Ryan Ludwick, Chad Durbin, Jeremy Guthrie, Roberto Hernandez, and maybe even Ryan Garko. It was a magical year and I loved going to Bisons games. The Bisons were up 3 games to none versus the Richmond Braves. I begged my mom the night of game 4 to go to the game. She ended up saying yes even though my dad was working that night an she had to watch after me and my 3 year old brother at the time. The Bisons ended up winning that game and won the Governors Cup. I still remember that last play. Ball hit down the first base line. Ryan Garko dives and gets up and steps on the bag. That was it, my beloved Bisons won the Governors Cup! I was ecstatic. At that moment, I knew I would be a long time baseball fan. The 2004 baseball season was still going on in the MLB after the Bisons season concluded. I remember flipping throughout TV stations with my dad when I was 5 years old. We came across the 2004 ALCS game 4 between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. My dad said he always liked underdog teams so he was rooting for the Red Sox. I, being 5, didn’t really know that much about Major League Baseball, only knowing Minor League Baseball. We watched the game and ended up seeing the Sox tying it in the 9th inning. My dad and I stayed up to extreme late hours for a 5 year old to watch game 4 that went into the next day. The Red Sox went on to win game 4 and I was so excited. I knew from there on that I would be a Boston Red Sox fan for life. We watched game 5, 6, and 7 all of which went into the next day I believe. My mom was very mad at my dad for letting me stay up that late because I was in my kindergarten year of school. The Red Sox went on to beat the Yankees and win the World Series 4 games to none versus the St. Louis Cardinals. 2004 was the year that I knew baseball would be a true love in my life.
The next year, I met one of my greatest best friends in my life, Danny. I had no clue that we lived in the same neighborhood until 4th grade. I went to Bisons games year after year. I never knew what ballhawking was until Danny introduced it to me. I didn’t know that Danny loved baseball as much as me until I started seeing him regularly at Bisons games. I remember him saying stuff about Zack Hample and how he was the greatest ballhawk in the world. I’m like how do you find this fun? Running around a stadium and not enjoying the game? I thought Zack Hample was a loser and Danny was a loser for doing this and not enjoying the game. I was so wrong. I now realize that ballhawking at baseball games is way better than just sitting down and heckling the opposing team. It gets you involved into the game itself and you can even have some great player interactions. Zack Hample is one of my greatest heroes today for what he does. It was the 2011 season and I remember seeing Danny running around the stadium doing his thing with another kid named Austin. I tried getting baseballs that year by sitting in the first row of the dugout and asking for toss ups between innings. After the 2011 season, I decided that I would go onto Zack Hample’s blog, which you can find here. It was January of 2012 and Danny and Austin asked me If I would like to join a blog called nybisons. I said sure and blogged on it until May of 2012 when I stopped blogging on it. I read all of Zack Hample’s blog about his ballhawking adventures shortly after joining nybisons. From their on, I knew I was going to be a ballhawk in the upcoming 2012 season. I explored many other ballhawking blogs and realized what an amazing community the world of ballhawking was. I came across a blog called and realized that Mateo was a ballhawk. I developed a friendship with Mateo and met him for my “first official” ballhawking adventure. It so happened that I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC with my family and Mateo was in Myrtle Beach with his high school baseball team for a tournament. I had a lot of fun ballhawking with him. You can check out his blog here. I also came across many other great blogs. I realized that the ballhawking world and mlblogs world was wonderful. I ended up catching 138 International League Baseballs last year. It was truly an amazing experience. There are 3 ballhawks in Buffalo, New York. Danny, Austin, and I. I believe we caught a total of 919 baseballs combined last year with Austin leading all of us. You can find Danny’s new blog here. Thank you all for reading and I hoped I didn’t bore you to death with my long story of myself. Thank you for reading and come back again!

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, my name is Quinn Imiola and I am Minor League ballhawk. I mainly ballhawk at Coca-Cola Field, home of the Triple-A team Buffalo Bisons located in Buffalo, New York. So far, I have been to a total of 4 MILB stadiums and 4 MLB stadiums. I have a total of 182 International League baseballs that were caught at Triple-A games. I also have 3 Carolina League baseballs that were caught last season in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I obtained 138 International League baseballs last year alone out of my 182 International League baseball collection. I also have a total of 4 Major League Baseballs. Some other cool objects I have gotten over the last 2 seasons were items such as 10 broken bats, 5 huge line-up cards, 1 pair of batting gloves from Corey Brown of the Syracuse Chiefs, a hat from one of my all-time favorite players, Justin Turner, and a Fathers Day wristband from former Buffalo Bisons catcher, Lucas May. This blog will mainly consist of my ballhawking adventures throughout the Minor Leagues, Major Leagues and maybe even some random baseball facts, info, data, etc. throughout the off-season. There will not be much throughout the off-season so bare with me and wait until the season starts up to read about my ballhawking adventures. I would truly appreciate it if you could tell your friends, family, neighbors etc. about my blog. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


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